PM Champion for iPhone and iPad:

This application was created to help you prepare for the Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification exam.

The PMP® Exam is known to be a tough one. You will be presented with 200 multiple-choice questions to complete within 4 hours, which means just 1.2 minutes per question. Often times the questions are scenario-based and the answers look very much the same. So you need to be well prepared and ... preparation takes time and careful planning. PMP® Exam is not something you can cramp in 2 weeks.

This application provides more than 600 multiple-choice questions to check your knowledge of the basic information that you need to know before your exam:

-Chapter Tests covering each chapter of the PMBOK® Guide with 200+ questions
-PMP® Formulas Tests to cover mathematical concepts included in the PMP® Exam with 100 questions
-Process Tests covering Inputs, Outputs, Tools & Techniqus (ITTO) outlined in the PMBOK® processes with 100 questions
-Complete Exam Simulation in a timed environment with 200 questions
-PMP® Exam Tips from our past students
-Funny Project Management Quotes that you can use on your projects
-How our PMP® training products can help you
-Samples of our Training Videos
-Our Members Area features
-Access to a $10 Discount Coupon

PMBOK® Chapter Tests

Included in this app are 12+1 Chapter Tests each including between 10 to 30 multiple-choice questions. Find out your weak areas by using these chapter tests.

PMP® Formulas Tests

Make sure you know those tough PMBOK® fomulas by taking these 100 questions, and prepare for the exam with a higher likelihood of success.

PMBOK® Process Tests

Test your knowledge of those 42 confusing PMBOK® processes by trying these 100 questions, and prepare for the exam with more confidence.

PMP® Exam Simulation

The "timed" environment on this 200-question Exam Simulation provides one last stop for you to know if you are really prepared for taking the PMP® exam.

Discount coupon

On this app you also get access to a $10 discount that you can use on any of our training packages.

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Trademark Notice:

PMI®, PMP®, PMBOK® are trademarks of the Project Management Institute, Inc. PMI has not endorsed and has not participated in the development of our products.

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